Little Bees is a place where:

  • Your child will be able to interact with other children, learn and play in an organized, clean, safe, fun and nurturing environment.

  • Your child will develop with the help of loving and experienced staff.

  • Your child will have the opportunity to develop communication skills through hands-on learning.

  • Your child will build social and emotional skills through interactive games, lessons, shared talk and cooperation with friends.

  • Your child will explore world of music, art and science.

  • Your child will learn numbers and advanced math skills through the use of age appropriate toys.

  • Your child will develop growth motor skills through exercise and full body activities.

  • Your child will build confidence and creativity in dramatic play.



We believe children learn best through play, hands-on experiences, and environment that is safe, happy, challenging and caring.



Our schedule is designed to include activities in relation to both your child’s interests and routines such as classes involving music, dance, movement, arts and crafts, language, and building that are incorporated into a daily plan.



Our program includes activities that will spark your child’s curiosity and allow him to develop in a mindful and independent way. Our eco-friendly toys, materials, and books, offer safe environment for your child’s healthy growth.